Hello World,

The first month of the new year has reached its last day. (Although, technically the Lunar Chinese New Year was on the 27th of January.)

In class, with a tank top, two layers of sweatshirts and a bomber jacket plus a jeans and scarf, I don’t think I’m living ‘winter’ right in Savannah, Georgia. I’m drinking London Fog (Earl Grey, Milk and Vanilla) whilst writing this post when I really should be doing homework. I’m in my senior year ~ how time flies ~ and working on my senior collections.

Only now, I have realized I may have chosen the wrong major to be in? Don’t get me wrong I like making clothes and the process of figuring out what goes where and how to construct garments interests me. It’s the designing process and concept development that irks me. After 3 years, and more during my IB years, you’d think I’d have learnt a thing or two by now. No. Concept-ing comes difficult to me.

I do get by, however.

Nonetheless, it is going. My senior collection is going. So is my energy

Until next time,


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