old vs new


So I probably have mentioned a few post back that I have a new laptop. Why I’m bringing this up, you ask? It must be because I haven’t used it for its original and only purpose, which is school work. Yes I have used it, yes I have done school work with it (although barely because my school work barely needs the use of electronics). But it hasn’t left the clean space, aka my bed. That one time it did leave was on a plan back to China. TO another bed.

I think there is something wrong with me.

I guess I just feel like I should use my old one till it dies. Thing is though, I get so frustrated with my old one since its so slow and freezes allllll the time, like, always. But there is an obligation to keep the new one shiny and new, you know? Yet, I am reluctant to get a case because my old one got a few scratches and dents despite having a case and dust collected in it…ew.

The first step is always the hardest…..

When that happens, I will settle with a theme / concept /  idea for this blog because really, I don’t know what is going on here.

Until next time,


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