I don’t think anyone likes writing and composing emails. Of course, if you do, that’s fine. I don’t like it.

Do you know how stressful I get just to write the first sentence? Or the one that follows? And then the one that follows after that? Yeah. No. But really, I get so stressed out for no reason.

So why am I on this topic?

For one – I just composed one. It took me 3 hours to write it. Okay, so there was procrastination involved, but the mental composition in my head went on in the duration of that 3 hours. I even had to Skype about it. I needed constant supervision just to write it. I even needed, craved, an approval before sending it out.

Yes. I am a college student. Yes. I still need supervision to send an adult email. Yes.

It’s almost embarrassing to write about it. Well, it is embarrassing to write about it. There should be YouTube videos about this. Hey, there’s a thought. I do have thoughts about having a YouTube account for physical blogging. If that made sense. Inspiration: communitychannel. Who I adore. Check her out if you haven’t watched her videos.

Aaannnd I am getting off topic.

That’s marvelous.

Until next time,


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