So today, I attempted to cook proper food. I’m labeling this proper food because for the past 6 to 7 weeks, I have been surviving on cereals, yogurt, more cereals, sandwich, biscuits and chocolate. I made some noodles and pasta, but I don’t think those really counted because it’s not that hard. (I just boiled the noodles and mixed with pasta sauce/soy sauce/oyster sauce)

I made: egg tomatoes.

There really isn’t any proper name that I know of, but in Chinese it’s 西红柿炒鸡蛋 (I had to look it up online), which literally translates to tomato omelets. I think there will be a lot of experimental food coming in the future for me.


Forgive me for this really bad photo.

I didn’t really follow any of the recipes that I looked at, with the exception of how to make the eggs fluffy. I didn’t add sugar or salt because I thought the tomatoes had enough flavour of its own. I also added in some ham, because why not? Ham is good. My roommate even laughed at me while I was cooking. It turned out fine, though I think it is difficult to botch up something as simple as this.

So what is really in the tomato omelet? An egg beat until bubbles appear to create fluffiness; tomatoes for flavour; and finally, ham, which is optional.

That’s it from me today.

Until next time,


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