I don’t think anyone likes writing and composing emails. Of course, if you do, that’s fine. I don’t like it.

Do you know how stressful I get just to write the first sentence? Or the one that follows? And then the one that follows after that? Yeah. No. But really, I get so stressed out for no reason.

So why am I on this topic?

For one – I just composed one. It took me 3 hours to write it. Okay, so there was procrastination involved, but the mental composition in my head went on in the duration of that 3 hours. I even had to Skype about it. I needed constant supervision just to write it. I even needed, craved, an approval before sending it out.

Yes. I am a college student. Yes. I still need supervision to send an adult email. Yes.

It’s almost embarrassing to write about it. Well, it is embarrassing to write about it. There should be YouTube videos about this. Hey, there’s a thought. I do have thoughts about having a YouTube account for physical blogging. If that made sense. Inspiration: communitychannel. Who I adore. Check her out if you haven’t watched her videos.

Aaannnd I am getting off topic.

That’s marvelous.

Until next time,


Dear Imaginary Reader


So, I have missed a few tasks for Blogging 101, which I am attempting to catch up on right now. The task for the third day was to write up an imaginary reader, a dream reader. At least, that is how I understood it and really, that is literally the task.


I suppose I have to admit that I have not given much thought into this. I started a blog without a target reader or a focus idea and topic to write about. But. My dream reader, I am hoping, is a normal person who share similar interests with me, otherwise, why else would anyone be reading my blog. I’m not saying I want, but I would like my reader to be interesting and interactive. Maybe even give me constructive criticism or give me advise and stuff, I don’t know.

Yeah, good.

I am really not good at this.

Until next time,

Introduction to Me


So, I signed up for Blogging 101. I think it is a challenge that is so suitable for me right now. What with the new blogging and all.

The first day of this challenge calls for an introduction of myself, the blogger.

I am a college student studying fashion design in Savannah, Georgia. I am from Malaysia, but I’ve spent half my life overseas in Beijing,China. Very international, but very complicated at the same time. I thought blogging would be a cool way to share my thoughts or just to write. Writing it in a book is just different. There’s no point to it unless there are a lot of fond memories that you would like to remember. I did write journals (or diaries, whatever you prefer) but when I look back at it, all I could think of was how bad my handwriting was and how crazily immature I sound. This was when I looked back a few months later. I am not saying that blogging online would make much difference, but at least I don’t have to criticize my handwriting. (I am also hoping blogging would prevent me from publishing/writing/remembering weird, awkward things I did, but no promises there…shhhh)

I think I will blog primarily about food because really, I cannot cook. I can bake dessert, but not cook food. If I could live off dessert, I would, but no. Therefore, with this year as my first year without cafeteria food and my first year living off campus and my second year without my mum’s cooking, I would like to blog about my experiences with cooking. Maybe it’ll even give you and my parents a few laughs, though hopefully not. I don’t want to rule out other blogging topics such as design because I am studying fashion design and it would be kind of odd not to blog about what I do once in a while. However, I don’t think it will be the majority of what I blog just yet because I just don’t have the clothes and material to do it.

That’s it from me today.

Till the next challenge,


So today, I attempted to cook proper food. I’m labeling this proper food because for the past 6 to 7 weeks, I have been surviving on cereals, yogurt, more cereals, sandwich, biscuits and chocolate. I made some noodles and pasta, but I don’t think those really counted because it’s not that hard. (I just boiled the noodles and mixed with pasta sauce/soy sauce/oyster sauce)

I made: egg tomatoes.

There really isn’t any proper name that I know of, but in Chinese it’s 西红柿炒鸡蛋 (I had to look it up online), which literally translates to tomato omelets. I think there will be a lot of experimental food coming in the future for me.


Forgive me for this really bad photo.

I didn’t really follow any of the recipes that I looked at, with the exception of how to make the eggs fluffy. I didn’t add sugar or salt because I thought the tomatoes had enough flavour of its own. I also added in some ham, because why not? Ham is good. My roommate even laughed at me while I was cooking. It turned out fine, though I think it is difficult to botch up something as simple as this.

So what is really in the tomato omelet? An egg beat until bubbles appear to create fluffiness; tomatoes for flavour; and finally, ham, which is optional.

That’s it from me today.

Until next time,